1 Corinthians 11:1 Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ.

We are to imitate Christ.  We also need to find and hook up with Godly people and learn from them as they live for Christ.  And as we grow we need to be that person to a younger Christian.   We are meant to live the Christian life alone.  We need others to help and encourage us our way.  But, even if you have a thousand Paul’s in your life, to mentor you, we need to ultimately look at Christ and study His life and how He lived.  Paul pointed the Corinthians to be like Jesus.  Nike used to have a commercial campaign with Michael Jordan, that went ‘Be like Mike’.  If Mike is trying to be like Jesus, then it’s OK to be like Mike.  But if he’s no trying to be like Jesus, don’t be like Mike.

Do not forget to ask one of the most famous questions when you are faced with a situation, ***’What Would Jesus Do?’    How would Jesus want to me to act/react?  If you are not sure how to answer that, pour yourself in the Word and prayer.

Go, be like Christ today!

***This question has one of it’s origins in Charles M. Sheldon’s classic, “In His Steps”.  Sheldon, a pastor in the late 1890’s, wanted to challenge his church to live like Christ (You can get this book free on the Amazon Kindle by Clicking Here).

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